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If you're paying good money for golf lessons, you should demand guaranteed handicap reduction.
That's exactly what you get with me. Guaranteed.

6-shot reduction if your handicap is between 20 - 24

4-shot reduction if your handicap is between 12 - 20

3-shot reduction if your handicap is between 14 - 10

2-shot reduction if your handicap is between 5 - 10

How can I give you this guarantee?

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Next time you have surgery ask yourself this question. Do you want a technically brilliant surgeon or a good-looking one? It’s the same with golf.

Not every one has the ideal physique to perform the textbook golf swing. However, if you are a physically capable person, there's no reason why you can't hit a golf ball consistently. There are plenty of golf Major winners who do not have a textbook golf swing. You just need to understand how to use your body (which is unique to you) to make the series of golf movements consistently so you end up striking the ball consistently.

It’s not how you look, it’s how you make impact

It’s only with technology that we are now finding out much of what we knew about the golf swing is wrong.

Did you know for example:

  • 76% of your power comes from releasing the club at the right time.
  • 11% comes from the elbow hinge.

So, that’s 87% of the power of a golf shot accounted for and I haven’t mentioned the torso and legs at all.

Shocked? Not as shocked as many tour pros when it was found out recently that … a nice gentle draw shot actually requires the club-face to be slightly open at impact!!!

You’re frustrated at lack of improvement. Does this sound like you?

“My average handicap is 25 (27 in competition). I have been playing for three years and in the past 7 months, I played as much as 5 or 6 times a week. I eat, sleep and dream golf. I devour new books and DVDs from the big names. I regularly watch the golf channel and read Golf Digest online. My best rounds are around 85. In spite of starting this great game of golf at the age of 40, and being very good at many other sports, I’m frustrated that I am not playing to a handicap of 18.”

“I didn’t really get any magic moves!”

“I’m not technically-minded and don’t have the time or inclination to re-model my swing.”

“I found nothing new with the lessons. Most advice from every teach pro I've had lessons with has been pretty much the same.”

Specialist Golf Coaching

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Mike Donald Golf

Where Improvement is Guaranteed

Mike Donald, P.G.A. Level 3 Teaching Professional, academy coach for Lee Westwood, and owner of the 'golf lessons Manchester' blog, teaching from two venues, the High Legh Park Golf Club in Knutsford, Cheshire. and Chester & North Wales Golf Centre.Lessons and lesson gift vouchers are available to buy on-line Mike offers quality instruction through easy to understand drills and learning theories.

"Mike has a remarkable talent for identifying weaknesses and offering practical solutions to the individual golfer. The combination of his undoubted expertise and enthusiasm makes each lesson a hugely positive experience. I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone wishing to raise their game to a different level.his online blog 'golf lessons Manchester" is also a fantastic help away from the course

Peter Crawford handicap 19.

Mike believes the only way we can truly offer a client an intelligent, well thought out plan that is personal to them, is to understand the client, this needs to be at least a one hour initial session where we can get an idea of where and why you are not reaching your full potential. If you as the client can give us the information on the areas you feel weakest and any other contributing factors as to why you feel your game is not as sharp as you wish it to be, then once we get started we can make the fastest possible progress. Less haste (at the beginning) more speed (better results) in the long run.

'' I first viewed Mikes article on the golf lessons Manchester blog' In person Mikes enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of the game, as well as his ability to coach, are exceptional. Mike has educated me in all aspects of golf, not just the physicalities of the swing, but also in other areas such as mental approach, work ethic, attitude and understanding of the game.”

Paul Houston handicap 12.

For golf lessons Manchester has a lot of golf pros for you to choose from. You will find few if any will guarantee results. So if you are currently frustrated and don’t know which part of your game to work on or how to improve, or maybe you are practising hard, but your handicap is staying the same, or you are ripping your driver but scoring badly - whatever it is, a thorough 60 minute first lesson will show you exactly what is needed to Improve your golf.

Lesson packages are available for all ages and abilities. Book your lesson online today and start reaching your true potential. Areas specialised in are as follows.

Starting golf,learn to play the game Pitching
Driving & Fairway Woods Chipping
Putting Bunker Play
Iron Play Online Golf Lessons
Trouble Shots & Awkward Lies Manchester Golf Lessons blog


Don't take my word for it…

Mike has a remarkable talent for identifying weaknesses and offering practical solutions to the individual golfer. The combination of his undoubted expertise and enthusiasm makes each lesson a hugely positive experience. I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone wishing to raise their game to a different level
Andrew Clare
Thanks for your help Mike you've took me from the point of despair to jubilation, I remember the first time I came to you when I didn't know what the hell I was doing with the club or with myself. Sometimes it's good for me to look back at the times I was struggling and remember how far I've come…
Paul Davenport
Having not enjoyed playing golf for a numbers of years I was actually considering quitting having seen various coaches who could only help me to some degree or another. However I have now found Mike to be a welcome breath of fresh air. He has helped me with both my physical and mental approach to the game, he provides you with just the right amount of information at each session in order help build your confidence in practice ready to take onto the course. I am now winning competitions, regularly reducing my handicap and best of all enjoying the game thoroughly. Thanks again Mike
Alan Goulding
The words golf lesson doesn’t really cover the Mike Donald golf experience, its coaching delivered with knowledge, passion, inspirational, motivational and above all educational.
Brian Stainton
Mike I want to thank you for a most satisfying and enjoyable golf lesson yesterday.Never before have I experienced instant success from a tuition session of any description. I was able to carry out the routine you gave me with remarkable success in my game today and came away with the roll up winners cash. Your approach to and execution of golf tuition is excellent and I hope you get as much satisfaction and pleasure from it as I'm sure all your clients do.
Nick Hancock

Qualified Coaching

Mike Donald P.G.A Class AA Qualified Professional

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