Online Golf Lesson And Swing Analysis With P.G.A Professional Mike Donald

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How Does It Work ?

1.Purchase your online lesson voucher here

2.Then send your two swing videos via email or SMS to or 07738332790

3.I operate a 24hr turn around on each video.

Product Details

Online golf lessons are a great way of getting a second opinion on your golf swing from the comfort of your own home,simply video your swing using your smart phone camera,it really is that simple.

Once i recieve your videos via email or SMS I then use the latest V1 Golf Branded Academy software and each video I provide for you will be sent via email with an in depth voice over and analytical breakdown of where I feel

  • Your swing/set up would need improvement
  • Then detailed information on why and how you can change your swing to become a better and more consistent golfer that lowers your scores on course,something which we are all striving towards.

There is lots of fantastic information out there on sites such as youtube from some of the worlds leading coaches,but where I feel a lot of golfers are going wrong is not understanding that golf tuition is very individual and specific.A one to one lesson is far more beneficial than trying to hunt down the answers from the thousands of videos online.

I will personally provide an in depth analysis from two different angles in your golf swing, these are known as

  • Face On
  • Down The Line

(The picture below shows a representation of these two angles,these should be the two angles you video and send me via email or SMS)

Image result for face on down the line golf

I will also provide a phone consultation free of charge if the individual feels this would be helpful to their improvement.My goal is to make you a better golfer in 2020,Id love to be able to help you with this,below is a sample of one of my video lessons I have taken from a student I've worked with over a 3 month period,Id be happy to discuss any questions you have before sending me your swings you can reach me on or 07738332790.

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